Damon Gettier and Associates is the only Real Estate Team in Lynchburg, Roanoke or the NRV offering- 1) "Sold in 59 Days or We Will Sell it For Free!" (Call (855) 564-6269 or visit www.DamonSellsVA.com for details) 2) "Guaranteed Sold or We Will Buy It" (Call (855) 564-6269 for Details, or visit www.DamonSellsVA.com for details.) Our monthly advertising budget is 8 times the average agent''''s Annual Budget. Yes, you read that right. We spend more in one week of advertising than the average agent spends in a year! We attract 400-1000 buyers per month and we currently have a database of more than 23,000 potential buyers looking to buy homes in Lynchburg, Roanoke, The New River Valley and all areas in between. Our days on market are almost half of the average agent and we net our sellers almost 3% more on their sales! So, we sell in less time for more money! With our team of specialists, we are able to sell more than 40 times the number of homes the average agent sells in a year. We have been endorsed by John Boy and Billy (96.3), Dick and Dave (99.1)and of course Brett Sharp (94.9)! Damon Gettier, CEO

Damon Gettier CEO (540) 907-4550

Aggie Romero-Sirrine ABR GRI SFR REALTOR® (540) 252-5796

Alli Gettier REALTOR® (540) 318-5883

Melvin Scales Loan Officer (540) 404-1247

Morgan Ferguson REALTOR®️ (540) 246-0995

Dawn Viall REALTOR® (540) 223-9550

Debra Daniel REALTOR® (540) 492-4231

Jay Garland REALTOR® (540) 318-1327

Kara Stull REALTOR® (540) 551-5273

Conrad Baptiste REALTOR® (540) 418-3759

Team Admin Team Admin (540) 351-9323

Heather Hicks REALTOR® (540) 701-6393

Shelby Webb Realtor (540) 508-8583

Gloria Ballinger Realtor (540) 518-0498

Fredrick Spencer Realtor (540) 401-5278

Chris Diamond Loan Officer (540) 204-6490

Don Shelton Realtor (540) 307-2358

Cameron Hernandez Lead Manager (540) 555-5555

Kim Poff REALTOR® (540) 385-3855

Susan Robertson REALTOR® (540) 361-6688

Daniel Ayers Realtor (540) 274-2124

Morgan Viall Customer Care Rep (540) 486-2933

Ian Bruce Realtor (540) 401-5855